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Applied Health Sciences - Community Health Sciences

Faculty & Staff


>Department Chair:  Brent E. Faught


Jennifer Boyko
Brent E. Faught
John Hay Neil McCartney
Miya Narushima
Kelli-an Lawrance* Deborah O'Leary Wendy Ward
Madelyn Law    
*on sabbatical from July 01, 2012 - July 01, 2013  
Adjunct Faculty:
Theodoros Tsakiridis
Eduardo Fernandez
John Cairney
Susan Arai
 Richard Mitchell
 Philip Bilan
Kevin Shoemaker    
Sessional Instructors:  
Eduardo Fernandez CHSC 2P97 - (D2)
Leslie Stefanyk CHSC 3P93 (D2)  
Carolynn Pietrangeli CHSC 2P27 (D2) and CHSC 3P97 (D2)  
Matthew Kwan CHSC 3P60 (D2)  
Administrative Staff:
Undergraduate Program Co-ordinator
Administrative Assistant

Undergraduate Studies:
For General Inquiries regarding Undergraduate Admissions to Brock University Programs please visit the Brock University Undergraduate Admissions website.

For Specific Information regarding Community Health Sciences Programs, please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Graduate Studies:
For General inquiries regarding Graduate Study Requirements, International Students, and Application Procedures please contact The Faculty of Graduate Studies

For Specific Information regarding the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences graduate programs please contact:

Administrative Assistant, Graduate Studies
Bev Minor
Office: STH 435
T 905 688 5550 x4797
F 905 984 4851
E AHSgradstudies@brocku.ca


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