J Greig Inglis

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

J Greig Inglis

Senior Laboratory Coordinator

Job Description:

Responsible for Coordinating, supervising and facilitating the operation of the FAHS laboratories including Applied Physiology; Muscle Biochemistry and Metabolism; Electromyographic Kinesiology; Postural Control; Strength Assessment and Anatomy. Duties include supervising and coordinating teaching sessions including scheduling, providing ongoing training of lab users (including faculty, teaching and research assistants and Graduate students), and ensuring the safe use of lab facilities by all users. Providing input and/or designing as necessary laboratory components and facilitating the experimental completion of honours, senior and graduate thesis. Provide inventory and maintenance of equipment. Teach CPR-C, Standard First Aid and AED to the faculty as needed. Facilitate the Brock University Heart Institute.



Master’s Degree (East Tennessee State University)
Concentration: Exercise and Human Physiology

Bachelors Degree (Honours) Applied Physiology
Brock University

Both Sides of the Brain:

Musician, Rugby Coach, Marathoner


Greig using a pipette in lab
J Greig Inglis

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Senior Lab Coordinator
Office: WH 137
T 905 688 5550 x4667
F 905 688 8364
E Greig.Inglis@brocku.ca