Autism Spectrum Disorder Summer Movement Camp

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Autism Spectrum Disorder Summer Movement Camp

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) summer movement camp has been in operation since the summer of 1996. The program also offers a developmentally appropriate movement education –based embedded curriculum but it is more specifically focused on the needs of children and youth on the autism spectrum. The summer movement camp is also a community service learning pedagogy and attracts 30- 50 undergraduate students and an almost equal number of campers. The past five years have also seen increasing numbers of masters and PhD students involved in various capacities.

Both SNAP and ASD movement camp operate as sites for research as well as service learning and pedagogy. The programs have won several awards and research on the programs’ development, implementation and ongoing refinement has been and continues to be presented and published nationally and internationally.

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Dr. Maureen Connolly
T 905 688 5550 x3381

Young girl with autism physicall interacting with a therapist