Spring/Summer Courses 2011

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Spring/Summer Courses 2011

Course Day/Time Course Name
 PEKN 1P90 (D3) Spring M W 1300-1600 Foundations of Human Anatomy and Physiology
 PEKN 1P93 (D2) Spring  M W 1300-1500  Foundations of Movement Studies
 PEKN 2P09 (D3) Spring  M W 1700-2000  Human Physiology
 PEKN 2P70 (D2) Spring  M W 1700-1900  Care and Prevention of Injuries
 PEKN 4F32 (D2) Spring    International Experiences in Sport, Health and
Physical Education.
 RECL 1P03 (D3) Spring  M W 1900-2200  Introduction to Leisure in Canadian Society
 RECL 3P11 (D2) Spring  M W 1300-1600  Sociological Aspects of Leisure
 RECL 3P23 (D3) Spring  M W 1900-2200  Therapeutic Benefits of Humour
 RECL 3P86 (D2) Spring  T R 0900-1300  Advanced Outdoor Leadership Theory and Practices
 RECL 4F02 (D1) Summer    Internship in Inclusive or Therapeutic Recreation
 RECL 4F55 (D1) Spring    International Field Experience in Rec & Leisure
 NUSC 3P25 (D1) Spring  M 1300-1630  Pathophysiology
 NUSC 4P20 (D1) Spring  M 0830-120  Leadership in Nursing and Management

 CHSC 1F90 (14) Spring ("Supercourse")

 Introduction to Community Health Sciences
 CHSC 2P21 (D3) Spring  T R 1900-2100  The Health of Canadian Society
 CHSC 4P51 (D2) Spring  M W 1900-2200  Current Public Health Issues of the HIV/Aids Pandemic
 CHSC 4P99 (15) Spring  MTWRF 0800-1200  Clinical Epidemiology
   MTWRF 1300-1700  
 SPMA 1P91 (D2) Spring  T R 1900-2100  Introduction to Sport Management
 SPMA 1P92 (D3) Spring  T R 1900-2100  Understanding Sport Industry Sectors
 SPMA 3P90 (D2) Spring  T R 1700-2000  Analysis of the Sport Industry: Canadian Hockey
 SPMA 4F01 (D4) Spring    Sport Management Internship Project
 SPMA 4F02 (D4) Spring    Sport Management Internship


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