What do I do if I suspect Academic Dishonesty?

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What do I do if I suspect Academic Dishonesty?


Academic Integrity is a core value of the academic mission of Brock University, defined as the pursuit of knowledge and scholarship through the provision of academic programs and a learning environment of the highest quality.

It is the responsibility of all faculty members (professors, instructors and teaching assistants) to inform and instruct students as to appropriate academic behaviours. Further to this, it shall be the responsibility of faculty members and students to demonstrate and encourage behaviours that promote academic integrity and scholarship.

It is in the interest of the University’s academic mission that every student adheres to the highest standards of scholarly integrity. As such, academic dishonesty is taken seriously and shall not be tolerated.

With this in mind the University has a responsibility to take action, in the form investigation and/or discipline, where appropriate, in matters where its academic policy has been alleged to have been breached, or in situations where it has been breached.

It is important to note that in situations where disciplinary action has not been taken: does not preclude the University of taking action at a later date should new evidence become available.

Academic Standing and Transcripts

  • A student, while under investigation for academic dishonesty, or prior to academic discipline, shall not be permitted to formally withdraw from that course.
  • While a case of academic dishonesty against a student is being investigated, the student will not be issued transcripts. Transcripts may not be sent other institutions or potential employers, during this period.

Record of Offenses

  • The Office of the Registrar shall maintain a record of each finding of academic dishonesty against a student. This record is maintained within the student’s academic file for the purpose of assessing a student’s academic history, as it relates to occurrences of academic dishonesty, in order, to determine appropriate discipline decisions.
  • Should a case of academic dishonesty be dismissed, all documentation of the proceeding shall be removed from the student’s academic file.

What happens next?


For more information on Brock University's regulations regarding Academic Misconduct:  Faculty Handbook Academic Misconduct

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