International Education Week 2008

International Education Week 2008

November 17 - 21

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International Education Week is a nation wide event which aims to celebrate the cultural diversity in Canada. It showcases all the international education initiatives that prepare Canadians to actively participate in an increasing global village. The theme for Canada's 2008 International Education Week is Promoting Global Citizenship.

This year Brock celebrated IEW from November 17 - 21, 2008 with a series of cultural and academic activities. The following outlines the various events with photos that took place during that week.

Tuesday November 18, 2008 - T.A.P Japan, Sharing Culture, Art and People
T.A.P. was created in January 2007. It grew out of the desire to work with Jamaican youth, to foster positive attitudes, to bring awareness of alternative ways of thinking and to generate change. Its purpose was to strengthen and build communities through the creation of integrated arts projects. T.A.P., a non-profit organization, is an umbrella term, a metaphor for developing artistic and cultural projects which, through the arts, foster and promote reciprocal exchange.

In May 2008 T.A.P. traveled to Japan where it offered integrated art programmes for Japanese children. Ten senior Brock students worked in a preschool, an elementary school and a junior high school as well as Teshima Shinaikan; an orphanage on Teshima Island. A unique factor of this visit was that Brock University students interfaced with Japanese culture by home staying with the families of the children they taught, thus creating an integral life experience for both Canadian and Japanese students.

Pictured in the gallery are Dr. Jane Leavitt, along with Christina Bosilo and John Kaethler from International Services sat down with students who participated in the program to discuss their experience.

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Wednesday November 19, 2008 - International Snack Food Festival
This year the International Snack Food Festival was a huge success. With flavours available from all over the world students got sample delicious treats made by their fellow students. Several countries were represented by students who came together and participated in this year's event through IELP and Brock International.

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Thursday November 20, 2008 - China Day
This years China Day celebration was held in the Pond Inlet. Participants were invited to make their own Chinese dumplings as a cooking presentation put together by Brock International’s visiting scholars. They were also privileged to hear Professor Chen Luo (Applied Linguistics) play the Er-Hu a traditional Chinese instrument. Chinese costumes were on display care of Lawrence He.

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Friday November 21, 2008 - Sudan to Canada: Crossing Educational Borders
During IEW John Garanga, a student refugee, gave a presentation entitled “Sudan to Canada: Crossing Education Borders”. Philis Atta, a Brock student and this year’s President of the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Student Club and representative of the Brock Student Refugee Program (SRP), introduced John as well as gave a brief background and history of the WUSC Club and Brock SRP.

John spoke about his life in Sudan, describing the challenges he faced there. He also discussed moving to St. Catharines through the SRP expressing his gratitude to the program for changing his life. Although moving to a new country brings its own new set of challenges, John has found a vast array of opportunities here in Niagara and Canada, and strongly encouraged listeners to continue their support of the SRP program – in his own words “getting picked to be a part of the SRP program is like winning the lottery”.

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