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Josh Tonnos, MBA, CPA, CGA (x6133) 
Director, Accounting and Treasury
The Director, Accounting and Treasury is accountable for the University’s accounting and treasury activities, while facilitating and supporting the vision and goals of the University in a financially responsible manner. Responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the Finance Office including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Accounting.  Responsible for managing the development and maintenance of policies, practices and procedures that facilitate strong internal controls over financial transactions. Responsible for maximizing investment return opportunities in all investment activities and minimizing debt costs on financing requirements through the reporting, monitoring, and investment oversight of the university's investments, endowment fund, internal and external debt financing arrangements and sinking funds, as well providing investment guidance for the university's pension funds.      

Accounting Services

Lisa Price, CPA, CA (x6228)
Manager, Financial Reporting
The Manager, Financial Reporting is responsible for all of the University’s financial reporting. Responsible for managing the preparation of the University’s annual financial statements, internal/external reporting, tax certificates and tax treatment of income payments processed by the University. Responsible for maintaining the overall accuracy of the financial accounting system; and leads and/or participates in special projects.

Jenna Dustanova (x5744)
Financial Analyst

Amy Henderson (x4442)
Account Analyst

Responsible for reconciling all University bank accounts.  Reviews all requests for journal entries prior to processing.  Responsible for maintaining and balancing Endowment Fund general ledger accounts. 

Anna Levashova (x3797)
Financial Analyst  
Assists in the preparation of the University’s annual financial statements, internal and external reporting and tax certificates. Responsible for reviewing journal entries and various account reconciliations. 

Barb Sullivan (x3735)
Accounting Assistant
Responsible for the monitoring and filing of all batch transactions from the Finance system to ensure completeness of information. Reconciles general ledger accounts for receivables. Responsible for tracking and balancing all transactions for Brock Foundation and Friends of Brock. Inputs Journal Entries.
Student Accounts & Accounts Receivable
For student financial inquiries, call 905-688-5550 x4600 or email

Amelia Cushman (x4260)
Accounts Receivable Assistant
Responsible for the processing of student payments received in the Finance Office. Services customers (students, faculty, staff) in person, by phone and mail.
Gloria Dringus (x3250)
Accounts Receivable Assistant
Responsible for the tuition billings for all sponsored students. Responsible for the tuition waiver program including billing for non-eligible fees and the calculation of taxable employee benefits. Handles all graduate program fee assessments including fellowships, scholarships and refunds.
Patti (Patricia) Latham-Malton (x4512)
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Primarily responsible for the supervision of the day to day operations of the Accounts Receivable department.
Rebecca Rose (x3492)
Accounts Receivable Assistant
Responsible for producing all University non-student invoices. Monitors the processing of student payments received electronically through the bank. Creates non-system T2202A tax receipts and inputs a variety of accounting transactions into the Finance system (including internal charges, external invoices and many revenue sources).

TBA (x3806)
Accounts Receivable Assistant
Responsible for the processing of student payments received in the Finance Office. Services customers (students, faculty, staff) in person, by phone and mail.
Gabriela Svec (x3286)
Accounts Receivable Assistant
Primarily responsible for the processing of all departmental deposits, including all University coin deposits and invoice payments. Deals with student, faculty and staff related financial inquiries. Handles petty cash disbursement.
Accounts Payable
TBA (x3021)
Accounts Payable Assistant
Darlene Morris (x4206/3276)
Accounts Payable Assistant
John Simone (x3287)
Accounts Payable Assistant
Barbara Yeo (x4892)
Accounts Payable Assistant