Medical Exemption Policy

Medical Exemption Policy



The University requires that a student be medically examined prior to an absence due to medical reasons from an exam, lab, test, seminar, assignment, etc.:

a) In Student Health Services (SHS)
b) By an off-campus physician eg. Walk-in clinic etc.

SHS will provide medical documentation only if:
a) Medically warranted (ie. a simple cold is not medically warranted).
b) The student presents themselves to SHS before the exam.


c) The student is seen in our office the day of the exam, lab, etc.


If you are sick on a day or at a time when SHS is not open:
1) Print a copy of Brock’s medical certificate
2) Go to another medical facility eg. walk-in clinic
3) Have the physician who examines you complete the Brock’s medical certificate. 

Please Note: There will probably be a charge for completion of this certificate.



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