"No Show" Policy and Charges & Third Party and Other Fees

"No Show" Policy and Charges & Third Party and Other Fees

No Show Policy and Charges

Student Health Services has a "NO SHOW" policy for missed appointments. An appointment is considered a "NO SHOW" if you do not attend your scheduled appointment and did not cancel the appointment prior to 5 p.m. the previous business day.

  • If you get our voice mail, please leave a message.  The dates and times of all messages are recorded.

The following charges will apply to "NO SHOW" appointments:

10 min.
20 min. (STI testing, counseling etc.)
appt. with Drs Warsi & Tiffney

Third Party Physicals and/or Forms


It is illegal for a physician to bill OHIP for any medical exam, procedure or decision, which it initiated to fulfill the requirements of a third party.  Therefore, these costs must be charged to patient or to the requesting agency.  Examples of third party requests are driver exams, employment physicals, etc.
There are two components to the cost:
1.   Physical exams and professional intellectual expertise involved in formulating a diagnosis and conclusion.  The cost for this component of the examination will be $30 or $50, depending on how many systems are involved.
2.   Communicate these finding to the required agency, for example, employer, volunteer placement agency, professor, etc., and taking responsibility for the decision.  The cost for this component of the examination will be $20 or $35.
Therefore, the cost of any third party visits will range from $50 - $85.  Be prepared to pay a total cost of $85 at the time of service.


Travel Medicine


It is illegal for doctors to bill OHIP for any advice given, physical exams done, or prescriptions written that relate to travel outside of Canada for any purpose.  Therefore, the individual patient is responsible for any charges for these exams, prescriptions or advice.  Our charge for these services is $40.  If the doctor is required to fill in a form or make a written statement concerning his/her findings, there will be an extra charge.  

Once you have see the doctor, you will be responsible for paying the fee even if you do not like the advice given, decide not to travel after all or do not fill the prescription(s).  We want all students to have happy and safe vacations or student abroad trips and encourage you to read all information given to you by Student Health Services.


TB Tests

$20 (unless medically warranted or for school placement)

Wart Treatment

Genital and plantar warts are covered under most medical insurance plans.  The following fees apply for treatment to warts that are not genital or plantar.

  • $10 of up to 3 warts/visit
  • $20 for more than 3 warts/visit

NSF Charge

There is a $45 charge for all NSF cheques.

Bills not paid by the specified due date will levied a $3 service charge and transferred to your Brock account.




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