Course Offerings

STAC: Centre for Studies in Arts and Culture

Course Offerings

some selected STAC courses in 2011-12:

Our courses change depending upon the unique focus of our faculty and their research.  The  selection of courses will vary from year to year.  There are a number of new course offerings for 2011-12.  Students' programs are conceived with the Faculty Advisor in order to take advantage of this variety.

Critical Practice in the Fine and Performing Arts

Interdisciplinary approach to key ideas about music, art, dance and drama through critical readings and guided exposure to selected public fine and performing art events. Exploration of issues in aesthetics and criticism using varied theoretical approaches.

Embodied Text: Art Beyond the Artifact
How art functions outside the conventions associated with words, texts, paintings and scores. Experiencing musical, visual, movement, and theatre vocabularies through exploration of spatial/temporal/aesthetic/embodied forms of art in performance.

STAC 3M07 and 3M08

Creative Cities of Culture: New York
Creative and performance aspects of New York City and environs. Emphasis on the urban spectacle, cultural assets and policy, presentation, production and management. Examination of public space, architecture, cultural generation, and the interaction between art forms, context and the city.

Creative Cities of Culture: Montreal

Media Transformations in The Creative Arts
The trajectory and influences of new media on the development of and discourses in 20th Century and contemporary creative production including the arts, broadcast, film, video, and electronic arenas such as the internet, games and interactive media. Overview of fundamental concepts, practices and language. Consideration of aesthetics, production, script and story, direction, authorship, collaborative process and distribution.

Dramatic Creation for Contemporary Cultural Practice
Components of dramatic story. Understanding character, dramatic action, structure, direction, improvisation, tempo, rhythm, voice and body potential. Theory and practical application in projects for creators in the arts, media and film.

Producing a Performance Event
(also offered as DART 3P93)
Functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling in creation of a performance-based cultural event. Budget development, site selection and development, co-ordination of creative and production priorities, marketing, publicity and fund-raising, and analysis of measurement tools.

Interpretive and Critical Writing in the Arts
Principles and methodologies for the written presentation and representation of works of art, artists' practice and events within general and specific disciplinary contexts, discourses and frameworks. Examples from across the arts; practice based projects from real world events and performances. Orientation to specialized publics in print and other media.

Arts Management
Effective management of arts organizations to fulfill social and artistic mandates.

Honours Thesis
Critical, historical or creative project in the fine or performing arts of mutual interest to the student and the instructor.

Creating Social Value from Material Culture
(also offered as IASC 4P01)
Theory and practice of creating social value from material culture. Curatorial and interpretive practice in public institutions focusing on art, human and natural history, and science and technology. Informal learning theory, authority structures and community engagement, audience segmentation and selection, exhibit design, and collections development within social and political contexts.

Arts, Heritage and Culture: Public Policy and Governance

Examination of federal, provincial and municipal intervention in and support for the fine and performing arts and their cultural production. Strategies for effective engagement of policy through governance and philanthropy.

2011-2012: Contemporary Phototextuality
(also offered as ENGL 4V74, IASC 4V74 and LART 4V74)
Contemporary artists' narratives and literature with photographs: interactions of image and text, and moving image. Theoretical, creative and applied aspects, and text and visual analysis. Interdisciplinary focus on Canadian authors and artists. May include Sophie Calle, Andrée Christensen, Milutin Gubash, Never Lopez and Catherine Owen.

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Take a look at some of the new and innovative cross-listed course offerings from the Centre for Studies in Arts and Culture that you should consider when planning your academic elective courses for 2011.

cross-listed courses in 2011-12:

(cross-listed courses are identified with the STAC prefix but are offered by sister-departments and programs and are part of the STAC project.  There are a number of new course offerings for 2011-12, particularly in the digital arts and management field.)

#STAC 1P02
Web Media Production
(also offered as IASC 1P02)
Principles of website creation and design. Formatting, lists, images, links and tables with HTML. Web colour and graphics formats with Photoshop, Typography and layout with CSS. Button, rollovers and forms with JavaScript. Introduction to animation and sound with Flash. Usability, accessibility and interactivity. Creation of public interactive web based projects.

#STAC 1P95
Introduction to Digital Images, Methods and Concepts
(also offered as IASC 1P95 and VISA 1P95)
Technical foundations of digital images, media methods and concepts including web-based, digital photography, image processing software, and printing foundations of digital media in video, audio and computational production and post-production. Contemporary digital practices within the broader history of visual and media arts.

#STAC 2P61
Website Creation
(also offered as APCO 2P61 and VISA 2P61)
Creative approaches to basic technical and design foundations of website design and development. Processing and management of images and other media assets, structuring websites, development tools and applications, web hosting and dissemination strategies. Contemporary web-based art practices within the broader history of cultural production.

#STAC 3F91
Innovations in Advanced Digital Media
(also offered as IASC 3F91 and VISA 3F91)
Introduction to advanced interactvie media concepts and visualization technologies. Design and workflow issues and integration of visual effects and 3D animations with live action media. May include motion capture, 3D and 2D animation, HD, 2K anf 4K live action video and 3D graphics software.

#STAC 3P10
Expanded Video Process and Production

(also offered as IASC 3P10, VISA 3P10)
Practical and conceptual strategies in moving image production using digital video capture, other time-based media and emerging technologies. Contextualization in contemporary discourses. Script, location, directing actors, sequence, production design, planning and process, editing and effects.

#STAC 3P92
Imitation in Art and Culture
(also offered as LART 3P92 and VISA 3P92)
Imitation in Western visual art and culture form Plato to postmodernism focusing on the Renaissance and the modern period.

#STAC 3P97
Appropriation in Art and Culture
(also offered as LART 3P97 and VISA 3P97)
Authorship and appropriation in visual and literary culture. Topics include the historical development of the notions of the artist, copyright and plagiarism, quotation, parody and intertextuality, the role of found objects, collage and montage, and the significance of digital technologies. Historical and contemporary examples from a wide range of media.

#STAC 3P98
Reporting Arts and Culture
(also offered as WRIT 3P98)
Contexts, genres, conventions, and practices of arts journalism in Canada; critical reading of selected texts in arts journalism; practical experience researching and writing arts news, reviews, features, and publicity for print and electronic media.

#STAC 3Q90
Innovations in Advanced Digital Media
(also offered as IASC 3Q90 and VISA 3Q90)
Introduction to advanced interactive media concepts and visualization technologies. Design and workflow issues and integration of visual effects and 3D animations with live action media. May include motion capture, 3D and 2D animation, HD, 2K and 4K live action video and 3D graphics software.

#STAC 4F41
Curatorial Studies Practicum
Practical application of the critical and theoretical aspects of curating. Research and organization of an exhibition from proposal, thesis, work-plan, budget, marketing and program plan to dissemination and presentation of works of art within a professional gallery.

#STAC 4P90
Forbidden Knowledge, Dangerous Art
(also offered as LART 4P90)
Works of art, literature, philosophy and science that were banned for religious, moral or political reasons.