Mary Jane Miller

Faculty of Humanities

Mary Jane Miller

Rank: Professor Emerita
Department: Dramatic Arts

Work currently in progress, or about to be begun, along with indication of when the project is likely to culminate and what form it will take:
" From Kine to Hi Def - a personal view of television Studies in Canada" for Canadian Television: Text and Context, an anthology of essays to be edited by Marian Bredin, Scott Henderson, and Sarah Matheson, submitted to McGill Queens Press

Work previously undertaken, research achievements or projects completed:

Outside Looking In: Viewing First Nations Peoples In Canadian Dramatic Television Series, McGill Queens Press, Montreal and Kingston, London, Ithaca: 2008, 491 pp.



“Haunting Public Discourse: The Representation of Residential Schools in CBC Television Drama” in Programming Reality: Perspectives on English-Canadian Television. eds Zoe Druick and Aspa Kotsopolous, Wilfred Laurier Press, Waterloo: 2008. 205 -226.


* Co-founded the Association for the study of Canadian Radio and Television with Professor Howard Fink.
* ASCRT made me an honorary life member in recognition of exceptional research contribution

Research Grants held (including dates) and Research Awards or Honours:
* Canada Council Sabbatical Research Grant 1973-4
* SSHRC 1984-85 = 9,200
* SSHRC 1985-87 $10,000/ year = 20,000
* SSHRC 1987-91 $10,000/ year = 30,000
* SSHRC 1991-94 = 55,000
* SSHRC 1994-97 = 31,000

Areas of Research Interest (in brief):
Canadian Television Drama 1952- 1997; the representation of First Nations Peoples in drama specials on Canadian Television, 1952- present