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Borrowing Policies


Any library user holding a valid Brock University photo ID card, alumni card, Special Borrowers' card, or a valid card from a Canadian University Library may borrow material. Users from Canadian universities will also be required to confirm their active status by logging into their home institution's portal or email system.

Only the person to whom it is issued may use a borrower's card. Library users are responsible for any material signed out in their names and will be charged overdue fines and replacement and processing costs for lost or damaged items.

Lack of knowledge of loan policies, failure to note due dates, failure to renew on time, or failure to receive Reminder or Overdue Notices are not acceptable reasons for waiving library charges.

Additionally, the Library is not responsible for any damage to a user's computer, VCR, or DVD equipment that might be caused by items borrowed from the Library.

Full details regarding Library Online Access and Borrowing Privileges by user type can be found here.

Loan Periods

Books and Government Documents
Undergraduates, special borrowers
Faculty, Staff & Graduate Students



2 weeks

120 days, subject to recall if needed by another user

Reserve Materials 3 hours or 24 hours or 48 hours
Laptop Computers 4 hours.  Laptops signed out within 4 hours of closing time each day will be due back 1 hour after the library opens the next day.
Various Equipment such as cables, mouse, chargers, etc. 4 hours
Journals and Reference Materials

Library use only

Board Games 3 days

Map Library

Thematic Maps and Aerial Photographs
Topographic and Historical maps and Atlases


3 days
Map Library use only
1 week

CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes
2 weeks
Special Collections and Archives Library use only
Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University items 1 week
Instructional Resource Centre (IRC) see IRC homepage

Extended Loans

Faculty, graduate students and University staff may borrow books and circulating government documents for 120 days if another user does not request the item. Requested books are subject to early recall and the borrower will be notified of the new due date by email.

Borrowing Limits

Patron Type Loan Period # of Renewals Maximum # items checked out
Undergduate students 2 weeks 4 100
Graduate students 120 days (subject to early recall) unlimited 100
Faculty & staff 120 days (subject to early recall) unlimited 100
Alumni 2 weeks  15
Special Borrowers 2 weeks 1 15

Book Retrieval, Holds, Recalls

The 'Request' button displayed in eligible library catalogue records allows users to recall items currently checked out and can also be used as a book retrieval service for items which have "In Library" status.

If you request an item listed as "In Library", staff will retrieve the item from the shelves if available, and place it on hold for you to pick up at the Ask Us Desk within twenty-four (24) hours most days.  

Items which are currently checked out will be recalled and made available to be picked up from the Ask Us Desk when returned.  

Users are limited to ten (10) outstanding holds at any one time.  Full details on the book retrieval service can be found here and you can monitor your outstanding hold requests by logging into your library account.


Brock borrowers can renew material online using My Library Account or in-person by bringing items to the Ask Us Desk. Borrowers whose privileges have been suspended may not renew material. Three-hour reserve material, and material requested by another borrower, cannot be renewed. Undergraduate students are allowed up to four renewals per item, provided the item has not been requested by another user. Faculty, staff and graduate students have unlimited renewals, subject to recall by another user.


Overdue books or government documents $0.50 per day per item
Overdue reserve material $1.50 per hour per item
Overdue recalled material $2.00 per day per item
Overdue Map Library material $0.50 per day per item
Overdue ILL / RACER material $1 .50 per day per item
Overdue recalled ILL / RACER material $2.00 per day per item
Overdue locker key $25.00 up to 15 days overdue
Overdue laptop $10.00 per hour, or any portion thereof
Overdue audio-visual material $ .50 per day
Overdue miscellaneous cables  $1.50 per hour per item
Overdue board games no overdue fines, but will be billed for replacement after 21 days
Lost / damaged book / item Flat rate cost of $75.00, plus a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee
Lost equipment storage bag $5.00 per item
Lost whiteboard marker $1.00 replacement charge
Lost locker key $25.00 replacement charge when overdue more than 15 days.
Lost / damaged board game $20.00    lost playing cards - $2.00
Lost / damaged laptop  $1,200.00 per item plus $300.00 non-refundable processing fee

Lost / damaged miscellaneous cables  $50.00 per item
Lost / damaged video camera  $550.00
Lost / damaged LCD panel $1,200.00
Lost ILL / RACER book / item

Flat rate replacement cost of $75.00, plus a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee

Lost ILL / RACER book band $5.00 per item
ILL / RACER item not picked up $5.00 per book / article
 IRC   see IRC Homepage

Borrowing privileges for Brock University students are suspended when fines are $10.00 or more. A block is placed on the student self-serve account which could impact registration for courses, transcript requests, and receipt of a diploma. Faculty and staff borrowing privileges are suspended for fines of $20.00 or more. Privileges will be reinstated for all users when overdue and recalled materials are returned and outstanding fines are paid. Use My Library Account to view currently checked out items and fines owing.

Lost or Damaged Library Material

If a library item is lost, missing, stolen or damaged, the user will receive an "Invoice for Lost Library Material" and will be assessed a fee of $125.00 that includes a flat rate cost of $75.00, plus a non-refundable processing fee. The lending Library will determine whether a damaged item is beyond repair. If the lost, missing or stolen material is returned to the Library within one calendar year of the Invoice for Lost Library Material being issued the flat rate fee of $75.00 will be refunded. Please note that the Library does not accept suitable replacement copies.

Appeal of Library Fees

Users who wish to appeal a library fee or charge may do so by completing an online appeal form. The request will be reviewed and an email response will be sent within ten (10) working days.

Correspondence Policy

All University Library correspondence for students, faculty and staff is sent to a Brock University e-mail address. See ITS Help Desk for information on your e-mail account and on forwarding mail to another address.

All borrowers are responsible for responding promptly to e-mail or print communications from the Library. Printed notices will be sent when Bills for Replacement are required and for library users who do not have an email account. Borrowers can check the status of their account and modify contact information by using My Library Account.

Borrowing From Other Universities

Undergraduate students may borrow books in person from other Ontario university libraries (Direct Borrowing), with the exception of the University of Toronto. A valid Brock University Identification Card is required, and users may be required to show additional picture identification. Books may be returned to the lending library or to the Ask Us Desk at the James A. Gibson Library.

Graduate students, faculty and staff may borrow books directly from all Ontario university libraries. Arrangements also exist for borrowing from out-of-province universities (Atlantic, Quebec, Prairie and Pacific). See Canadian Universities Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement for more information.

Reciprocal Borrowing Policies for Niagara College and Brock University

Brock University and Niagara College have a reciprocal borrowing agreement for faculty, staff and students.

Under this agreement, Niagara College faculty, staff and students may borrow books from the James A. Gibson, IRC and Hamilton campus Libraries at no charge.  In order to register for borrowing privileges, Niagara College users must:

  • apply in-person and complete a Special Borrowers' form.
  • show a valid Niagara college picture ID card and one other supporting piece of identification.
  • log in to their college portal/email account to verify current status.
  • re-register in-person on a yearly basis so that contact information is kept current.


Brock faculty/staff/students are entitled to borrowing privileges at Niagara College under the following conditions:

  • users must register in-person and present a Brock student or staff card along with an additional piece of  photo ID.
  • users must re-register on a yearly basis in order to make sure contact information is current.


Patron registration Register in-person and present staff/student card with photo ID
Material available for loan



DVDs/videos; periodicals; reserves; reference materials; laptops; remote access to e-resources

Loan period 2 weeks
Maximum # of items checked out at one time 5 items
Maximum # of renewals 1 per item
Fines .25 cents per item per day
Returns Borrower responsible for returning materials to Niagara College
Expiry date

Students -- August 31

Faculty & staff -- One year from date of registration

For further information, please contact the Circulation Department at Niagara College libraries at the Welland or Niagara-on-the-Lake campuses.

Niagara Regional Campus of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University

McMaster University's Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine has a regional campus at Brock University, which is located in the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex.

McMaster students enrolled in the program are entitled to the same borrowing privileges as Brock undergraduate students.

The James A. Gibson Library houses a collection of books located on the 5th floor to support this program.  These materials circulate for a one-week loan period, are available to all Brock Library users, and may be renewed online.

DeGroote School of Medicine students at the Niagara Regional Campus can access their Library Account online by entering their Name, Brock ID# and PIN to review due dates of items checked out, renew items online, and place holds online.

Interlibrary Loan Racer requests should be placed through the BROCK ILL/RACER system.

Interlibrary Loan/RACER

Material not available at Brock may be borrowed through the Interlibrary Loan/RACER Service.

Brock Alumni

Brock University Alumni are eligible for borrowing privileges at the James A. Gibson Library at no charge. Open stack material may be borrowed for 2 weeks and may be renewed for one consecutive 2-week period, provided the item has not been requested by another user. A limit of 15 items outstanding in a patron's record is in effect. Reserve material and laptops cannot be borrowed.

Community Borrowing

Brock Alumni No charge
Community  $40.00 per year
Seniors (65+) $20.00 per year
For-Profit Institutional $300.00 per year (up to 5 borrowers)
Non-Profit Institutional $100.00 per year (up to 5 borrowers)
Replacement for Lost Card/Barcode $5.00

Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery

(Original works only)

$50.00 per year

(plus charges as assessed by lending library)

Map Library Temporary User Account  $10.00 per session

For More Information see Services for the Community.


Regular circulating material can be deposited in return slots located beside the staircase in the Schmon Tower lobby, and in the corridor leading to the library elevators.

Reserves must be returned to the Ask Us Desk during library hours. A return slot is located at one end of the desk.

Audio/visual materials must be returned to the drop boxes located beside the staircase in the Schmon Tower lobby and in the corridor leading to the library elevators, or to the Ask Us Desk.

For information on policies of the IRC, please refer to the IRC homepage.


Brock University students, faculty and staff may sign out a maximum of 100 open stack items.

Special Borrowers (e.g.. Community, Alumni, Seniors, Direct and Niagara College) are limited to 15 items.

Only 4 reserve items may be signed out at once to eligible users.

Undergraduate students are allowed up to four renewals per item, provided the item has not been requested by another user. Faculty, staff and graduate students have unlimited renewals, provided the item has not been requested by another user.

Users are entitled to ten (10) outstanding holds at any one time.

When asking to renew high demand reserve materials and laptops, users may be asked to wait up to 15 minutes in order to allow other users access to these materials.


For further assistance, please contact staff in-person at the Ask Us Desk; via telephone at 905-688-5550, ext. 4583, or via email at


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