Social media icons and design

Social media icons and design

Avatars (profile pictures) are the visual identifiers for your social media properties. It is the first impression you leave and it will become the image your community looks for a recognizes when they engage with you.

It's important that your avatar is consistent across all of your social media properties. For example, use the same avatar on Twitter as you do on Facebook.

In an effort to maintain a consistent look and feel across all of Brock University's social media platoforms, avatars should be officially branded and created by the Office of Web Marketing Communications.

 To ensure correct usage of Brock’s brand signature, please refer to this page and use only approved artwork when customizing your Facebook, Twitter or other social page. For assistance in customizing these icons or your social media account, contact University social media.

IMPORTANT: The graphics provided on this page were prepared for use on the web only and should NOT be used on printed materials. For print-related requests, please contact University Marketing and Communications.


Social media icons

The following icons are made available for use on your faculty or departmental website — you can use them directly from this page by right-clicking each icon and copying the link to your clipboard ("Copy Link Location" in Firefox).


Brock University logo icon

All icons are supplied at a minimum width of 250 pixels to accommodate most social web sites and to maximize image quality. They do not need to be resized when uploaded to Facebook or Twitter. Click the thumbnails to view full-size or right-click to download.



Both sides of the brain icons


Sub brand icons

Follow this template when creating a new icon for your faculty or department. To request a custom icon, or for assistance in creating an icon for your faculty or department, please contact University social media.



Examples Facebook pages

The new Facebook timeline gives you full control over your cover photo. Please note that the file you upload for this purpose must be 851 x 315 pixels or larger. You may want to refer to page 42 of the Brand Standards Manual (login required) for guidance in choosing an effective image.


Examples Twitter page

The background of your Twitter page can also be customized with an image. Note that this image cannot be wider than 2048 pixels and larger than 800 kb.


Using the Brock colours

Where interface or typographic elements can be customized (e.g. on Twitter or Youtube), use the official brand colours. Refer to the following table to get the appropriate hexadecimal values:


Hex: #cc0000
Hex: #585858
Hex: #000000
Hex: #ffffff


The hexadecimal value is the code that follows the # sign — services like Twitter and Youtube allow you to copy & paste this code when customizing the look of your page.


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