Yousef Haj-Ahmad

Department of Biological Sciences

Yousef Haj-Ahmad


Office: F239
Phone: ext 3829

The primary interest of our laboratory's research effort is the development of bovine adenovirus type 2 and type 3 into helper-independent viral vector(s) for applications in gene therapy and recombinant vaccine. In the past, the major emphasis has been devoted to (i) cloning, (ii) (iii) constructing comprehensive restriction enzyme maps, (iv) mapping and sequencing various regions. Furthermore we have established and characterized various bovine cell lines that constitutively express various viral gene products.

Having constructed the first BAV-based helper-independent viral vector our recent research interest has shifted towards the molecular characterizations of this novel viral vector system. In the next few years the major emphasis will be upon the assessment of its usefulness in recombinant vaccine engineering, and special attention will be devoted to its usefulness in human gene therapy applications .

Other areas of study in our laboratory include the improvement of the current human Ad-based vector system.

I teach molecular genetics (3P50) and biotechnology (2P09) to undergraduates and molecular virology (4P51) and immunology (4P53) to 4th year undergraduate and graduate students. I am actively involved in the biotechnology program at Brock University.

Not only I am involved in the teaching of biotechnology but I am also the founder of Norgen Biotek Corp. (located in St. Cathrines Ontario, Canada) and a co-founder of Procyon Biopharma Inc.(formerly Vetrogen Corp.; located in London, Ontario, Canada). I was its Vice-President of research and on its Board of Directors from 1988 until 1997.


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