Thank you!

Thank you letter from President Lightstone

Thank you!

April 16, 2010

To those faculty and staff who participated in the Family Campaign for a Bold New Brock, a sincere and heartfelt thank you.

As you know, for Brock to realize the crucial goals in our Academic Plan Brock 2014, the University requires major investment of public and private sector funding. To help reach those goals, last year we launched the Campaign for a Bold New Brock, with a goal of raising 75 million dollars by 2012.

Our success in building the future for Brock relies on the generosity of many — and that starts with ourselves — the Brock family of faculty and staff.

Your participation in the campaign encourages the rest of the community to come together to help create a Bold New Brock. Our high level of internal support sends a clear signal about Brock’s own people, to the governments, individuals, corporations or foundations who are being asked to make their donations toward Brock’s transformation.

Thanks to your support, and to the leadership and encouragement of the 19 Family Campaign cabinet volunteers led by Tom Arkell and Lorne Adams (listed below), 655 individuals — or 45 per cent of our campus community — have participated in the campaign. With participating rising every day, we are well on our way to surpassing our goal of 60 per cent participation by 2012.

What is most encouraging about the success of Family Campaign, however, is the impact the collective investment has made. To date, the Brock family has contributed more than $943,000 — a significant achievement for both Brock and the campus community.

All in all, the energy and determination shown by the Brock Community this spring has been an inspiration to behold, and you should all feel good about such proud achievements. I thank you and salute you. These results of your faith and effort means we can all continue to work for a bold new Brock and bold new future.

Thank you,

Dr. Jack Lightstone
President and Vice-Chancellor
Brock Unveristy

P.S. If you are considering participating, I would ask you to please join your colleagues and become a part of this crucial campaign. It is truly amazing what we can do when we work together to achieve our goals.


2010 Family Campaign Cabinet

Tom Arkell, Family Campaign Co-Chair
Lorne Adams, Family Campaign Co-Chair
James Bell
Steve Biederman
John Bird
Brad Clarke
Marilyn Cottrell
Evelyn DiFruscio
Michael Fawkes
Ken Garrett
Les Gilson
Lynne Irion
Janet Jamison
Cheryl Mallen
Susan Mifsud
Diana Panter
Lynne Raybould
Marie Reimer
Susan Sydor
Lisa Wilson
Barry Wright

Dr. Jack Lightstone, President and Vice-Chancellor, Brock University says thanks

Dr. Jack Lightstone, President and Vice-Chancellor of Brock Univeristy thanks Brock faculty and staff for supporting the Family Campaign for a Bold New Brock.