Interlibrary Loan / RACER Fees

James A. Gibson Library

Interlibrary Loan / RACER Fees

Rush Requests

The following charges apply for Rush Requests and must be prepaid:

Books: $15.00, plus courier charges. Any fees charged by the lending library are passed on to our users.
Journal articles: $15.00, plus fax charges.


The following charges apply to interlibrary loan materials:

• Users will be charged $5 per interlibrary loan book not picked up prior to being returned to the lending library.
• Users will be charged $5 per article not picked up within 30 days of being processed by Interlibrary Loan staff.
• If a library item is lost, missing, stolen or damaged, the user will receive an "Invoice for Lost Library Material" and will be assessed a fee of $125.00 that includes a flat rate cost of $75.00, plus a non-refundable processing fee. The lending Library will determine whether a damaged item is beyond repair. If the lost, missing or stolen material is returned to the Library within one calendar year of the Invoice for Lost Library Material being issued the flat rate fee of $75.00 will be refunded. Please note that the Library does not accept suitable replacement copies.
• Overdue ILL materials $1.50 per day per item.
• Overdue ILL recalled materials $2 per day per item.
• Users will be charged $5 for lost book bands not returned with borrowed materials.

All charges will be added to a user's library circulation account.  Borrowing privileges for Brock University students are suspended for fees of $10.00 or more.  Faculty and staff borrowing privileges are suspended for fees of $20.00 or more. In addition, borrowing privileges are suspended pending the return of all overdue and recalled material. Use My Library Account to view currently checked out items and fees owing.