IELP/Undergraduate Conditional Admission

IELP/Undergraduate Conditional Admission


What is "Undergraduate Conditional Admission"?
Students with Conditional Offers begin their studies in the Intensive English Language Program (IELP). After completing Advanced Level 5 IELP, students proceed directly into undergraduate degree programs without further proof of English proficiency. For more information about IELP, click here.

1. Students and parents have the peace of mind knowing that a place is waiting in the undergraduate degree program before the student arrives in Canada.
2. A single offer of admission letter to both IELP and undergraduate studies advances the process of accessing a Study Permit.
3. IELP Students study Academic English and prepare for study at Brock University. Students will also learn about Canadian lifestyle in preparation for study in Canada and may even choose to live with a Canadian family in a Homestay.

How it works
Students take the IPT, an internationally recognized ESL placement test, on Day 1 to be placed in a suitable level of IELP. Levels range from Preparatory to Advanced Level 5. Each level or term is 14-weeks long (at 25-hours of instruction/week). Note: students usually take 1-3 terms to complete Level 5 IELP.

Entry into undergraduate degree courses will be in the academic term (January, May or September) immediately following completion IELP. For IELP program dates and costs, click here.


Who should apply?
You may apply for a Conditional Offer if you:

**Note: applicants who DO meet English language requirements should NOT apply via the Conditional Offer route. Applicants who DO meet minimum English language requirements should apply directly to our Undergraduate Programs.**


Admission Criteria