Manage Your Account

Manage Your Account


Changes to Research Account Statements

Please take the opportunity to review Finance's Changes to Research Account Statements.

Changes to Travel Claim Oversight

Please take the opportunity to review our memorandum regarding updates to Travel Claim Oversight.

Changes to Computer and Related Equipment

Please take the opportunity to review our memorandum regarding updates to Computer Claim Oversight.

Handling your research funding wisely

The administration of research projects means many responsibilities for the Principal Investigator, as this is ultimately the person responsible for the management of his or her grant or contract. Within these pages you will find information to assist you with the financial responsibility of your research funding. The Brock Research Services Financial staff is here to assist and advise you on fulfilling these critical responsibilities.
In these pages you can find out what is required before an account can be opened for you, what your responsibilities are in the administration of your research funds, what expenses are eligible, how to track your research spending, and much, much more.

View the Tri-council guidelines on the roles and responsibilities of researchers, and information on eligible/ineligible expenses.  Also, certain Tri-Council policies such as per diems and home internet use defer to institutional policies.  In those instances, view Brock’s new Finance Policies and Forms.  

The expense code table (unique to research accounts) identifies expenses on all 33x-xxx-xxx and 56x-xxx-xxx accounts.  The codes are:
M1-Materials, supplies, and other expenditures
M3-Professional and technical services/contracts
Travel and expense claims, cheque requistions, HR contracts, purchase orders must include accurate coding when reporting an expense on a research account.
Account Statements

Being fiscally responsible entails regularly checking your account for errors or omissions.

As Finance continues to phase out monthly research account reports, researchers are encouraged to regularly monitor spending by accessing BEARS. 

To access BEARS: 

Sign into "my brock" (enter your user id)

Access "My Work" (same user id)

Access BEARS (same user id)

Access "MNFIN" (if applicable)

Enter account number

View General Ledger Account

For further information, access the BEARS Finance System Guide.  For a guide on how to print account information access Printing Tips.


Phil Thomas, Hannah Zhang, Tracey Naldjieff
Research Accounting Team

Office of Research Services accounting staff will provide support and assistance to researchers in the management of their research funds. If you have any questions or concerns, contact:

Philip Thomas, Manager of Research Accounting, x4372

Hannah Zhang, Research Accountant, x5126

Tracey Naldjieff, Research Accounting Clerk, x4488