Awards and Research Highlights

Department of Economics

Awards and Research Highlights


  • Robert Dimand received the 2016 Thomas F. Divine Award from the Association for Social Economics.
  • Ivan Medovikov won the 2015 Faculty of Social Sciences Award for Teaching Excellence.
  • Marilyn Cottrell won the 2014 Brock Award for Distinguished Teaching.
  • Marilyn Cottrell won the 2013 Faculty of Social Sciences Award for Teaching Excellence.
  • Professor Robert Dimand won the 2013 Faculty of Graduate Studies Mentoring Award. Established in 2011, the awards honour and recognize the essential role of mentorship in graduate education by graduate faculty supervisors.
  • Professor Felice Martinello won OCUFA's 2013 Lorimer Award. This award is in place to "honour and recognize outstanding contributions to improving the terms and conditions of employment of Ontario university faculty through bargaining".
  • Diane Dupont won the 2012 Brock University Award for Distinguished Research and Creativity.  
  • Robert Dimand won the Faculty of Social Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2012.
  • Marilyn Cottrell won Brock University's Don Ursino Award for Excellence in Teaching Large Classes (December 2009).
  • Chancellor's Chairs for Research Excellence have been awarded to Robert Dimand (2002-2005) and Diane Dupont (2006-2009).
  • Mohammed Dore has won the Brock University Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity.

2012-2013 Academic Year:

  • The 2012 meetings of the History of Economics Society was held at Brock in June. Thanks to all the participants.
  • Robert Dimand was elected as Secretary-Treasurer
    of the Canadian Economics Association, 2012-2017.
  • Hichem Bel-Mechaiekh and Robert Dimand, "A Simpler
    Proof of the Von Neumann Minimax Theorem," American
    Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 118, No. 7 (August 2011),
    pp. 636-641.

2011-2012 Academic Year:

  • Robert Dimand, "Tobin as an Econometrician," in Marcel
    Boumans, Ariane Dupont-Kieffer, and Duo Qin, eds.,
    Histories on Econometrics, Annual Supplement to Volume
    43 of History of Political Economy (2011), pp. 166-187.
  • Hichem Bel-Mechaiekh and Robert Dimand, "A Simpler
    Proof of the Von Neumann Minimax Theorem," American
    Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 118, No. 7 (August 2011),
    pp. 636-641.
  • Hichem Ben-El-Mechaiekh and Robert Dimand, "Von
    Neumann, Ville, and the Minimax Theorem," International
    Game Theory Review, Vol. 12, No. 2 (June 2010), pp.
  • Dupont, D and Bateman, I. 2012 "Political Affiliation And Willingness To Pay: An Examination of the Nature of Benefits and Means of Provision" Ecological Economics. 75:43-51. 
  • Day, B, Bateman, I, Carson, R, Dupont, D, Louviere, J, Morimoto, S, Scarpa, R, and Wang, P 2012 “Task Independence in Stated Preference Studies: A Test of Order Effect Explanations” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 63(1): 73-91. 
  • Adamowicz, W, Dupont, D, Krupnick, A, and Zhang, J 2011 “Valuation of Cancer and Microbial Disease Risk Reductions in Municipal Drinking Water: An Analysis of Risk Context Using Multiple Valuation Methods” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 61(2): 213-226. 
  • Renzetti, S., Dupont, D.P., and Wood, C. 2011. Running Through our Fingers. How Canada Fails to Capture the Full Value of its Top Asset. Written for the Blue Economy Initiative sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada, the Canadian Water Network, and the Water & Duncan Gordon Foundation. 31 pp.
  • Professor Lamarche published two papers with other members of the Department. One with Professor Koustas, "Instrumental variable estimation of a nonlinear Taylor rule" in Empirical Economics and one with Professor Veloce (and co-author Professor Faroque) "Have Structural Changes Eliminated the Out-of-Sample Ability of Financial Variables to Forecast Real Activity After the Mid-1980s? An Application to the Canadian Economy", in Applied Economics.

2009-2010 Academic Year:

  • Mohammed Dore was the guest editor of a special issue of Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences on "The Impact of Edward Lorenz" (Vol. 13, No. 3, July 2009).
  • Robert Dimand published "Trouble in the Inaugural Issue of the American Economic Review: The Cross/Eaves Controversy" (with Ann-Mari May) in the Journal of Economic Perspectives (Vol. 23, No. 3, Summer 2009). Together with Hichem Ben-El-Mechaiekh (Mathematics, Brock), Dimand published "The von Neumann Minimax Theorem Revisited" in Fixed Point Theory and its Applications (Banach Center Publications, Vol. 77, 2007), and they have an article on "Von Neumann, Ville, and the Minimax Theorem" forthcoming in the International Game Theory Review.
  • Robert Dimand and Barbara J. Spencer, "Trevor Swan and the Neoclassical Growth Model," National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Working Paper 13950, has now been published in Mauro Boianovsky and Kevin D. Hoover, eds., Robert Solow and the Development of Growth Economics, Annual Supplement to History of Political Economy Vol. 41 (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2009), which also includes Robert Dimand and Steven N. Durlauf, "James Tobin and Growth Theory: Financial Factors and Long-Run Growth."
  • Professor Joseph Kushner (with Eugene Kaciak) has published the article "Determinants of Residents' Recycling Behaviour" in International Business and Economics Research Journal, August 2009, Volume 8, Number 8, pp. 1-12. Professor Kushner also has two publications forthcoming: "Over-the-Counter Weather Derivatives as a Snowfall Risk Management Tool for Municipalities" in Journal of Municipal Finance (with Don Cyr, Martin Kusy and Tomson Ogwang) and "Filling a Vacancy on Council: To Appoint or Not to Appoint?" in Municipal World (with David Siegel).
  • Professor Diane Dupont and Professor Steven Renzetti published the article "Measuring the Technical Efficiency of Municipal Water Suppliers: The Role of Environmental Factors" in Land Economics 85(4): 627-636 (November 2009).
  • Professor Diane Dupont (with colleagues Ian J. Bateman, Brett H. Day and Stavros Georgiou) published the article "Procedural Invariance Testing of the One-and-One-Half-Bound Dichotomous Choice Elicitation Method" in the Review of Economics and Statistics November 2009, Vol. 91, No. 4: 806-820.
  • Professor Steven Renzetti will be making a presentation September 30 in Ottawa during a working lunch on Water Policy Challenges. He will be talking about water pricing issues.

2008-2009 Academic Year:

  • Professor Renzetti has been serving on a panel commissioned by the Council of Canadian Academies (formerly the Royal Society of Canada) to provide advice to the federal government on groundwater management. The panel just released its Report.
  • The Department is very pleased to announce that Roelof Makken won the Clarke Thomson Award for Sessional Teaching Excellence for 2009.
  • The Department is also very pleased to announce that the following members received external SSHRC research grants in 2009: Rene Kirkegaard for "Manipulating Auctions with Many Heterogeneous Bidders", Tomson Ogwang (with Danny Cho) for "A Conceptual Framework and Analysis for Developing Alternative Global Purchasing Managers' Indices" and Mohammed Dore for "Modernizing Drinking Water Supply in Small and Rural Communities: Sustainability and Risk".
  • Professor Diane Dupont has just returned from chairing a meeting of the Science Advisory Committee to the WorldFish Centre in Penang, Malaysia (more on this in the Research section).
  • The CD Howe Institute released a paper by Professor Steven Renzetti entitled "Wave of the Future: The Case for Smart Water Pricing"