Students' Accomplishments

Department of Economics

Students' Accomplishments

 2015-2016 Academic year

  • Congratulations to Corey Carlton, Lola Fowler, Brad Rossen, Grace Koomson, Anna Veselovska, Mikhail Susin and Haoyang Zhang who obtained their MBE June 7 2016.
  • Corey Carlton won the Distinguished Graduate Student Award.

2011-2012 Academic year

  • Congratulations to Edward Kofi Anderson, Christian Arkilley, Shawn Atthill, Scott Francis Clark, Chen Jin, Maria Makarova, Daryna Marei and Dong Yuan Wang who obtained their MBE June 7 2012
  • Congratulations to Daryna Marei who won the 2012 Spirit of Brock Medal.
  • Nowshin Jahan (MBE Fall 2009) has published her MBE research with Professor Diane Dupont. The article will appear in the Journal of Water and Health under “Defensive spending on tap water substitutes: the value of reducing perceived health risks” by Diane P. Dupont and Nowshin Jahan. The link is here.

 2010-2011 Academic year:

  • Economics Bookprize Winner: Arlo Matisz
  • Distinguished Graduating Student Awards: Arlo Matisz (ECON) and Gabriela Wisniowski (BBE)
  • Graduating MBE Students: Ridha Chilmeran, Xingchen Liu, Sampson Ndah, Obed Owusu, Hongxia Qin, Yuwen Qiu, Saeed Ur Rehman Rana, Ru Shen and Xiaoshuang Zhang 

2009-2010 Academic year:

  • The Department is proud to announce the 2009-2010 Bookprize winners: Kaitlin Chaput and Daniel Moreau. Daniel Moreau is also the recipient of the Distinguished Graduating Student Award.
  • Our MBE student, Chunlei Hua, received the SSHRC Business Related Award. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations to our graduating Master of Business Economics Students: Michael Addo Antobreh, Maimuma Din, Ruyan Hua, and Nowshin Jahan. They received their degrees at the October Convocation (2009).

2008-2009 Academic year:

  • Congratulations to Nicholas Czyzewski and Laura Wiebe, this year’s (2009) recipients of the Undergraduate Distinguished Graduating Student Awards in Economics and Business Economics, respectively. The Distinguished Graduating Students Awards are presented to the students who receive the highest overall average in their programs at Spring Convocation.
  • Congratulations to Bernard Afriye, Deanna Bucciacchio, Syed Hassan, Jiao Song, Ai Uehira, Jingming Zhang and Yuanyuan Zou, who were awarded Master of Business Economics (MBE) degrees at Spring 2009 Convocation.
  • The Department of Economics is pleased to announce that its macroeconomics TA, John Waylon Henhawk has won the Aboriginal Achievement Award 2009. John is an outstanding student and TA who continually gives his time and effort toward the betterment of all students. Congratulations John, the award is very well deserved.


2006-2007 Academic year:

  • Economics Bookprize Winners: Ryan Bruno and Nick Zammit