Welcome to the Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science

Welcome to the Department of Political Science

The study of Political Science aims to teach students how to focus on the ideas, institutions and processes that shape our lives, helping them to become better members and effective leaders of the Canadian political community.

Our program looks at five key areas

In Canadian Politics, Comparative Politics and International Relations, you’ll examine power relationships and the organization of power within and among states.

The study of Public Policy asks how policies are made and implemented in the complex machinery of government. Political Theory/Philosophy asks how power ought to be organized and to what end.

The concentration in Public Law is a superb pre-law program for those intending to pursue a legal career. Our majors also have the option of three collaborative programs to complete a degree and certification from a college of applied arts and technology.

Gain valuable work experience in our co-op programs. The Co-op in Public Administration is designed for those who seek employment in the federal, provincial or municipal levels of government. The Co-op in Political Science is designed for those with a different goal than to work in government.


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