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Department of Psychology

Welcome to Psychology!

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Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs provide students with breadth and depth of knowledge in psychology, along with skills in writing, critical thinking, and data analysis. In most of our courses, lectures are supplemented with seminars that allow small-group discussion. Each year we award approximately 200 Bachelor of Arts degrees, divided among our Honours BA degree, our four-year BA with Major degree, or our three-year Pass BA degree. More information about undergraduate education in psychology at Brock can be found at our Undergraduate Program website.

Graduate Programs

Interested in graduate studies in psychology? Download our information sheets to learn about what Psychology at Brock can offer you!

Click here to download the information sheet for Behavioural & Cognitive Neuroscience

Click here to download the information sheet for Lifespan Development

Click here to download the information sheet for Social/Personality

Our graduate program awards MA and PhD degrees, and emphasizes the development of research skills in the broad areas of social/personality psychology, lifespan development, and behavioural neuroscience. To learn more about graduate studies in psychology at Brock, please visit our Graduate Program website.

Our faculty members maintain active programs of research and scholarship that span many diverse areas of Psychology. In conducting their research, our faculty members collaborate intensively with our graduate students and often with our upper-year undergraduate students as well. To learn about our research programs, please visit our Research Laboratories website as well as the websites of our faculty members.